Vincze Család címere – photo
The coat and arms of Vincze Family

The Family of Vincze cultivating land for generations in Bócsa. Horses always played significant role in their life: partner in work and in time of celebration. One of ancestors was able to developed special relationship with horses that was inherited to his predecessors. His former farm is the place where we take care, nurture and live the Hungarian equestrian traditions.

The Vincze Riding Centre is situated in Bócsa, about 100 kilometers from Budapest, located in the Kiskunság National Park. The dunes and steppes of Bócsa-Bugac with their alternating sand plains, dunes, sodic lakes and marshes, make it one of the most complex areas of the national park.

In this sandy environmet we can find precious plants of the sand surfaces, which are considered a real rarity. For example, the sand iris, sand crocus, Astragalus dasyanthus, and Dianthus diutinus. which are concentrated in the area, today constitute 85% of the known world-wide stock exiting today.

Since 2012 we have been welcoming guests to thousands of acres of picturesque woodland with sand dunes, wild juniper groves,and meadows. The grazing Grey Cattle herds and flocks of sheep add to the spectacle of the Puszta for visitors. The nearby Soltvadkert lake is more beautiful and well-cared for than ever. Vincze Riding Centre offers a wide range of possibilities for lovers of the riding sport: training, riding tours, horse-drawn coach or slate excursions, riding camps, as well as therapeutical riding instruction. Besides all these, we are engaged in breading and training of price winning horses.

The Vincze Riding Centre is ideal home for class excursions. The sand roads around the Centre are ridable all year long. Our paddocks, be it for the 20m x 40m price-riding facility, or for the 100m x 100m hurdle course, all serve the needs of our guests. Our horses, besides being lovable, are all well trained and most reliable, both for young and old, beginner or advanced rider. In order to satisfy those of our guests, who wish for piece and quite, we offer additionaél entertainment, such as billiard, ping-pong, in-house soccer competitions, or barbequeing. Our large garden with its pavillions and playground offers the whole family relaxing time at Vincze Riding Centre.

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